Extra-provincial Domestic investment in Jinpu New Area Reached RMB 19.11 billion Last Year


Extra-provincial Domestic Investment Ranked First in the City

During the promotion conference for investment in Shanghai-Liaoning coastal economic zone held before the new year’s day, 3 key projects in the field of strategic emerging industries were contracted into Jin Pu New Area. This has not only injected new energy into the industrial development, but also drew a full conclusion for the domestic investment in 2017.

In 2017, with introducing major projects as the core, and industrial investment as the main line, the new area has fully enhanced the project quality and activity level. The domestic investment has achieved remarkable results by building platform carriers, improving landing efficiency and working system. The extra-provincial domestic investment reached RMB 19.11 billion, ranking first in the city.

The Number of Newly Contracted Projects with Domestic Investment Topped in the City

In the V-mark new energy vehicle project contracted last June, WM Motor tookover the Yellow Sea(Dalian) Automobile Co., Ltd., with investment of RMB 1.18 billion in the production of batteries, motors and electric control systems for new energy automotives. The acquired company was planned to be the third factory of WM China in 2021, mainly producing new energy vehicles; in the high-quality epoxy resin project contracted recently, RMB 500 million was invested jointly by Shanghai Xiong emun resin Co., Ltd. And Dalian Zhong Tuo new materials Co., Ltd., with construction on industry base of electric quantity of epoxy resin and new material, with an expectation of annual sales income reaching RMB 1.5 billion, and annual profit of RMB 250million…

In 2017, 51 new projects with domestic investment was contracted in the area with total intention investment reaching RMB99.34 billion, and the number of contracted projects listed first in the city. Among the projects, 22 project investment of over RMB 1 billion include the new town Wyatt square, Dalian green building industrial park, Dalian LNG logistics hub, Hainan speed world, international trade building, and Dalian Aoshi Chemical Co. Ltd. In addition, there were total 153 key negotiation projects of domestic reserves with total intention investment of RMB 279.729 billion. And 118 projects were worth billion.

52 Domestic Investment Projects under the Construction were Worth billion

At present, the Yuan Yu Pei Dalian Logistics Park project of total investment of RMB 2 billion has entered the main construction stage; and the project of Dalian Jin Pu New Area Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Industry Park with total investment of RMB 2.3billion has been completed and being into the phase of interior decoration…In 2017, there were 61 domestic investment projects under construction, with total investment of RMB 120.136 billion. Among them, 10 new construction projects were of total investment of RMB 10.3 billion, including Dalian city logistics center and the wholesale market and the international trade building project with total investment of RMB 1 billion, and etc.  Among 61 funded projects under construction, there exited 52 projects of investment of over RMB 1 billion, including the Shimao carnival, the green group in the city complex, Phase II of medium catalyst, Burghardt new material non-woven environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing equipment industrial park , Dalian financial services industry.  Among them, Shimao Carnival investment amounted to RMB 50 billion, and the greenland group city RMB 7 billion, and Phase II of medium catalyst RMB 560 million.

New Production Project Injected Power into Industrial Development

At present, the first production line of Burghardt new material non-woven environmental protection of RMB 1.3billion has been put into use, and its second production lines of domestic equipment is being installed. Big projects such as Zhenao biological Valley with investment of RMB 2.158 billion, Xinxin Optoelectronic of RMB125 million, Tianbao ice cream and logistics base of RMB 1.8 billion, Beichen power development headquarters R&D of RMB 800 million,   red star Jinzhou Meikailong mall of RMB200 million, and Xin Feng Yang irradiation cable of RMB 100 million were put into operation last year.

In 2017, 16 completed and partly completed projects of domestic investment were of total investment of RMB 21 billion. Among them, there were 9 projects put into operation, and 7 partly completed projects put into operation 7, bringing strong force to the industrial development of the New Area.