Transformation of Working Style Promoted by the Jinpu New Area


First meeting of New Year in Jinpu New Area


The first meeting of 2018 in Jinpu New Area was about promotion of work style transformation in municipal organs. To implement the spirit of the meeting, the participants were aroused to greet the activities of public observation and private investigation on work style which would be carried out on the very day.


 During the meeting, the mobilization speech was made by Jizhen, deputy secretary of the Party Work Committee (PWC) of Jinpu New Area. And the meeting was presided over by Chongjun, members and organizing secretary of the PWC, conveying the Opinions on Thorough Investigation to Promote the Work Transformation of Municipal Cadres by the Leadership Team.


From that day on, 20 social superiors and 5,000 information assistants hired by the Municipal Organ Work Committee would go to the centers of towns and countries in the implementation of investigation.


The initial implication of investigation must be fully recognized by all departments and units as required by Jizhen in the speech. And the construction of work style of cadres must be done as repeatedly given instructions by Tan Zuojun, secretary of the Provincial standing committee and municipal committee. Moreover, circling big discussion & learning activities of “learning president Xi’s speech, benchmarking Shanghai, freeing our minds and doing real work”, Wangqiang, secretary of the MSC and PWC in Jinpu New Area, and the CMC director, listed 23+28 kinds of specific issues from six aspects. Thus the style construction was placed on a prominent position. Personnel attending the new year meeting included Chen Zeguo, deputy director of the DPC, Tian Qingye, vice chairman of the DPPCC, and major leaders from all departments of the DWC and mass organization in the area, and major leaders from functional areas, streets, parks, resident units, DRVS, secondary sectors and direct enterprises.