Taofang River Conservancy & Scenic Area Passes Provincial Appraisal.

Taofang River Conservancy & Scenic Area passes the provincial appraisal.

This is the 4th provincial-level water conservancy & scenic area in Dalian following the Liao river wetland which is located in Panjin, the urban area around Hun river which is in Fushun and Raoyang lake which is located in Panshan county.

Taofang River Conservancy & Scenic Area is located in the middle part of Changxing Island Economic Zone. It is 120 km south of Dalian, adjacent to Shenyang-Dalian Expressway and Harbin-Dalian Railway. Traffic lines here radiate in all directions. Taofang river snakes through the scenic area. Taofang reservoir, the wetland park, the costal park, the windmill park and a golf course, the plant gardens, the human landscape as well as irrigation projects scatter around in the area, offering picturesque scenery for visitors. It is the tourists’ best destination for relaxation, health maintenance, holidaying, hiking and sightseeing.

The scenic area covers 7.546 km2, including 1.27 km2 of water surface.

Since 2009, the management commission of Changxing Island Economic Zone has accumulatively invested about RMB 1 billion to reinforce the dams of reservoirs, restore the ecological environment around the rivers including the wetlands and build sports parks, squares and other facilities, effectively upgrading the taste and grade of the scenic area, and laying a solid foundation for scientific and sustainable development of Taofang River Conservancy & Scenic Area.