Zhuanghe Government Officials Were Briefed on Implementation of 2017 Budget Plan

In the afternoon of December 29, 2017, a meeting was held in the meeting room of Zhuanghe CPC standing committee, briefing the attendees of implementation of the 2017 budget plan.

The meeting was attended by Zhang Shuping, Zhao Yongbo, Li Yongxiang, Li Damin, Song Li, Yang Yong, Zhao Yingchun, Zhang Chunli, Liu Shengdong and other officials.

The meeting was presided by Yu Chengfu, member of Zhuanghe CPC standing committee and vice mayor.

In 2017 when compared with last year, Zhuanghe’s general fiscal revenue was RMB 2.11 billion, up 9.9%; the general fiscal expenditure was RMB 5.58 billion, up 11.5%; the fiscal revenue realized at the city level was RMB 1.363 billion, up 5.8%; the fiscal expenditure realized at the city level was RMB 3.756 billion, up 24.3%.

2017 is the crucial year for implementation of the 13th five-year plan and the newly-enacted Budget Law, Zhao Yongbo, the mayor said at the meeting. Thanks to the efforts by all economic sectors, the fiscal revenue increased in 2017, neutralizing the debt risks, but we should be prepared for further austere measures in 2018, and we should focus our efforts on accumulating wealth, managing the wealth and better using the wealth, he said.