Members of Zhuanghe CPC Standing Committee Attended Enlarged Meeting of Theoretical Center Group

The enlarged theoretical center group of Zhuanghe CPC committee hosted a meeting in the morning of December 29, 2017 about learning and using philosophy after studying On Contradictions and On Practice written by Mao Zedong as well as in-depth study of the important speeches made by Xi Jinping on comprehensively strengthening Party’s discipline.

Zhang Shuping, the secretary of Zhuanghe CPC committee presided over the meeting.

Members of the standing committee conducted thematic exchanges at the meeting. Song Lixue, member of Zhuanghe CPC standing committee, as well as secretary of Dalian municipal commission for discipline inspection briefed the attendees of the spirits of The Notice on Implementing Detailed Regulations on Implementation of the Party’s 8-point Rules Jointly Issued by Secretariat of Liaoning CPC Committee and Secretariat of Liaoning People’s Government; Zhao Yongbo, the mayor of Zhuanghe People’s Government briefed the attendees of the spirits of the speech made by Tan Zuojun, the secretary of Dalian CPC committee at the opening ceremony of a symposium attended by the key officials of Dalian on implementation of the spirits of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

Zhang Shuping concluded the meeting by saying: “We should promote new breakthroughs in our works based on the guidance provided by the spirits of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. It’s necessary for us to plan for Zhuanghe’s development based on our actual conditions. We should solve the concrete problems of the people while promoting Zhuanghe’s development. And at the same time, we should stick to the people-centered policy and effectively guarantee and improve people’s livelihood. To continue to enhance the people’s sense of gain, the sense of happiness and the sense of security, we should further upgrade the quality and effectiveness of development while trying to satisfy the people's demand for a better life.”