Municipal Financial Bureau organized Listing Business Training of Dalian's Enterprises

In order to implement the work arrangement of grand study and grand discussion of "Learn the Speeches, Aim at Shanghai, Free our Minds and real practice and solid work" by the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the Municipal Financial Bureau organized a "training class of listing business of Dalian's enterprises" which went to Shenzhen to learn and exchange their experiences; members of the training class included financial leaders of relevant government agencies and various districts and counties, as well as senior managers of enterprises planned to go public, a total of 33 people.

In the past years, our city has established a long-term cooperation and interaction mechanism with Shenzhen Stock Exchange and have organized business trainings jointly for several times; Shenzhen Stock Exchange also visited many enterprises of Dalian and offered listing business guidance for Dalian's enterprises and answered their questions. During this training course, Shenzhen Stock Exchange's Listing Promotional Department Director Chen Feng and Vice Director Li Yafei and business experts elaborated and analyzed the multi-level capital market development and IPO review dynamics, and communicated with the trainees in depth about the key issues of the enterprises. In the morning of the day, members of the training class observed and emulated the listing ceremony of an enterprise and visited the exhibition hall of Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

During their stay in Shenzhen, business responsible person of Northeast Securities taught lessons on a special theme and communicated with the trainees about the policies and hot issues related to enterprises' listing business. The training class also visited the Green Pine Innovation Incubator of Green Pine Capital Partners and learnt and communicated about equity investment and financing businesses. They visited and interviewed two listed companies, Shenzhen Wenke Landscape Co., Ltd and Shenzhen ESUN Exhibition Company Limited, and held forums with the companies' Chairmen and secretaries on experiences and lessons from listing financing, the class also conducted field investigations of the companies.