Dalian Financial Development Bureau Organized a Symposium Focused on Business Communications and Training Related to Equity Investment and Financing

Beginning in the morning, December 15, Dalian Financial Development Bureau organized a symposium focused on business communications and training related to equity investment and financing.

Sun Guoyou (the vice director of Dalian Financial Development Bureau) and Tan Zhenning (the chief of division of organization of Dalian Securities Regulatory Commission) attended the symposium and delivered a speech. The symposium was attended by about 200 persons including officials of related governmental departments, executives of the financial departments of the districts (counties) including the experimental districts, representatives of related enterprises as well as executives of related associations.

At the symposium, Huang Xianjie, the vice chairman of Hengtai Securities made a detailed explanation on the operational practice related to private equity investment and financing. Gao Feng, the vice general manager of Dalian Cybernaut Venture Capital Investment & Management Co., Ltd. briefed the attendees on the development of equity investment and financing, governmental oriented investment and the development of the market of equity investment.