Lushun Shipyard Is Confirmed as an Industrial Heritage

According to a list released by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on its official website www.miit.gov.cn about the 1st batch of 11 Chinese industrial heritages, Lushun Shipyard – the ruins of which are in PLA No. 4810 Factory - is confirmed as an industrial heritage in Dalian.

As an important medium, industrial heritages record the essential information on different stages of China’s industrial development, having significant historical value, technological value, social value and artistic value.

Lushun Shipyard was established in 1883 as the logistic base for the Northern Navy of the Qing Dynasty. As one of the only two shipyards in the time, it was a huge project in the later stage of Qing Dynasty’s westernization movement. Known as “the 1st Biggest Shipyard in the Far East”, it was equipped with the 1st domestic and international telephone line in northeastern China and the 1st tap water pipeline in the Qing Dynasty. It was a miraculous industrial structure in the 19th century as well as the earliest and the most influential industrial heritage in Dalian, symbolizing the birth of national industry in Dalian, and hence the 1st generation of industrial workers in Dalian.

As a witness to the early stage of old China’s industrial development, Lushun Shipyard is now designated as one of the major historical and cultural sites in China.