Government of Lushunkou District Hosted Lushun – 1st Christmas Gala in Dalian Creative Science & Technology Park

Several days ago, some representatives of foreign enterprises, the representatives of foreign agencies stationed in Dalian, the representatives of universities, the representatives of financial institutions and the representatives of societies of oversea students met in Lushun – 1st Christmas Gala hosted by the government of Lushunkou District in Dalian Creative Science & Technology Park, talking about and searching for opportunities of business cooperation. The Gala was attended by Yi Qingtao (the secretary of CPC committee of Lushunkou District) and some government officials. Wang Chao, the vice governor presided over the Gala.

Yano Katsuya, the deputy general manager of Dalian Imaoka Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. made a speech on behalf of the foreign enterprises. He briefed the attendees of development of Imaoka in Lushun.  

Yi Qingtao make a speech at Lushun – 1st Christmas Gala. He said: “It is the 40th anniversary next year since China adopted the opening and reform policy. It is also the 34th anniversary next year since Dalian adopted the opening and reform policy. But Lushun opened the door only 8 years ago. It is relatively late for Lushun, but Lushun shows the obvious late-mover advantages. It has a satisfactory ecological environment. It has adopted a series of preferential policies to attract foreign investment. Lushun welcomes investment in hydrogen energy, medical service, health service, tourism, modern logistics, manufacturing of high-end equipment and other light-duty or green industrial sectors. Now foreign enterprises have become the indispensable force driving the social and economic development in Lushun.” 

Later, Yi Qingtao, the representatives of foreign consulates and the representatives of foreign enterprises jointly lighted the crystal ball, which signaled the establishment of Federation of Foreign Enterprises and Foreign Merchants in Lushun.