Lushun Traffic Police Brigade Appoints Traffic Safety Managers in Rural Area in Lushunkou District

Lushun traffic police brigade plans to establish a traffic safety management station in the jurisdiction of every sub-district government in the rural area to ensure safety at the major crossroads.

The brigade plans to establish a traffic management point manned by 1 or 2 traffic safety managers for every village commission.

The traffic safety managers would mainly assume the responsibility as follows:

a. preventing traffic violations in the rural area;

b. assisting in traffic safety-related publicity;

c. reporting information on number of motor vehicles and licensed drivers in the villages;

d. reporting information on traffic conditions on the major roads in the rural area as well as other important information;

e. notifying villagers to timely register the ownership of newly-bought motor vehicles and handle the formalities for yearly review of motor vehicles;

f. assisting in publicizing traffic regulations to enhance the sense of traffic safety and the sense of courteous driving among the villagers.

At present, the brigade has established 8 traffic management points in 8 administrative villages in Lushunkou District.

Next, the brigade plans to establish a traffic management point in each of the remaining administrative villages.