Lushunkou District Deepens the Reform and Increases the Economic Development Vitality by Learning from Shanghai

Lushunkou District develops the learning and discussion activities actively. It establishes various new types of operation modes and running mechanisms by learning from Shanghai, freeing out mind and deepening the reform, so as to improve economic development vitality to promote healthy operation of the economy.

It has started the national asset investigation and understanding, and has finished the mixed ownership reform of 5 enterprises, and has established the salary system of managers in state-owned enterprises connected with performance. It innovates the investment and financing system and strengthens key project introduction and review. The whole District has negotiated and signed contracts on 54 projects, with agreed investment amount of 65 billion yuan. By adopting innovative measures such as complete period management and parallel approval, it has commenced 57 newly built and consequently built key projects, with annual investment of 6.5 billion yuan.

It has promoted the rural land right confirmation and the property right system reform; in addition, it has implemented the renewed land contract and implemented the land right confirmation certificate. In addition, it has established the rural land joint-stock system, to guide for land transfer by peasants, to promote the scale-oriented and industry-oriented development of the agricultural production and management.