The Bonded Area Strides forward to a Free Trade Port

Promote the Mechanism and System Innovations in a Continuous Way

During the first 11 months in this year, the key economic indexes of the Bonded Area kept a favorable development trend. It achieved the value of gross output of 35.65 billion yuan, increased by 16.5%. It achieved the general public budget income of 1.964 billion yuan, increased by 14.6%. It achieved foreign direct investment, actual domestic capital and self-support export of 0.46 billion USD, 16.96 billion USD and 26 billion USD, respectively, occupying 83.2%, 91.7% and 100.1% of the annual plans. Up until December 15, there had been 4396 newly increased market players, with a year-on-year growth of 40%. It benefits from the constant innovations on the institution and the mechanism of the Bonded Area since the implementation of the Free Trade Zone as well as breakthroughs of policy functions.

As one of the districts of Dalian Free Trade Zone, in order to accelerate the construction of the Free Trade Zone, the Bonded Area has innovated core tasks around institutions and increased the strength for reform and innovation since the start of this year. It released “Innovative Measures Adopted to Promote the Construction of the Free Trade Zone” 1.0 version at the start of this year, to develop 6 major fields, i.e., reform of administrative system, liberalization of investment, trade facilitation, financial internationalization, revitalization of Northeastern  Old Industrial Bases and development and opening-up of Northeast Asia, and release 53 innovative measures of 4 industry orientations, i.e., port and shipping logistics, shipping finance, international trade and port-centered industry. Up until now, 19 of them have been completed comprehensively, and partial results in 19 of them have been made; in addition, 15 of them are promoted vigorously.

On the aspect of business environment construction, the Bonded Area implements the single window handling of government review and approval, which is included into 246 items of approval items. In addition, it realizes enterprise name verification, independent approval right of establishment of stock companies and group companies. It implements the notification promise system, the enterprise investment item commitment system, the lifelong tracking system for architects and the credit system construction. The increase in investment facilitation attracts more and more investors for the Bonded Area. The 4396 newly increased market players in this year have total registered capital of 37.171 billion yuan, with year-on-year growth of 103.28%. In which there are 3207 newly registered enterprises, with total registered capital of 37.034 billion yuan, with year-on-year growth of 35.45% and 104.69%, respectively.

    The Bonded Area insists on innovative development. It has learned innovative experiences from other free trade zones in our country and has implemented them, to finish 116 promoted tasks. Some innovative policies are initiated in the whole country such as coordinative construction the “three-mutual” customs clearance pattern with port supervision unit, “classified respect precedent” at customs, promoting of port transformation and upgrading with “bonded mixed-ore” supervision innovation and remote self-help release of inspection and quarantine enterprises. Beneficial from these “new policies”, the bonded mixed-ore business achieved ten-million-ton during the first ten days of December, giving rise to the first ore port with annual volume of mixed-ore business of ten-million-ton in the whole country. Dayao Bay port finished 37.8 TEU of sea-railway combined transportation during the first 11 months in this year, including 388 Central Europe trains, 3.1 TEU, with year-on-year growth of 106%.