Combination of Production, Teaching and Research in Zhuanghe City Has Promotes the Development of Marine Economy in a High-end Way

“Since the cooperation with Dalian Ocean University, we have given full play to the expert team and collected public wisdoms, to explore marine resources in our city by formulating reasonable policies on cultivation and development, to make marine economy an important pillar in social and economic development in our city!” On December 21, some technicians were conducting chemical experiments on marine samples newly collected in Yuyang Research Institute Building of Dalian Ocean University.

According to related information, since the establishment of the “Yuyang Research Institute of Dalian Ocean University” by Yuyang Group and Dalian Ocean University as well as the development of in-depth cooperation between them, both parties have developed series of scientific and technological cooperative projects on the aspects of marine resource investigation and wisdom fishery construction, to explore a sustainable development path in marine economy. Based on advanced marine investigation equipments, scientific researchers have conducted resource censoring to related sea areas, and the short necked clams newly cultivated have been put into production in commission in this year. By centering on the theme of the “smart Yuyang”, the whole-process information tracking is planned to be realized in first year of 2018. Therefore, we realize that the optimization of marine economy structure and the industry arrangement as well as improvements on science, technologies and innovations play a leading role in the development of the marine economy.