Leadership of Ganjingzi District investigated and arranged the District's Works of Comprehensive Deepening of Reforms

On the morning of December 19, Wang Ge, member of the Standing Committee of Ganjingzi District Party Committee held a forum with Office of District Party Committee's Leading Group of Comprehensive Deepening of Reforms to investigate and understand their works and make arrangements of reform-related works of 2017 year-end and 2018.

Wang Ge affirmed the relevant works done since the establishment of the reform office and emphasized that it is necessary to further enhance the sense of urgency of comprehensive deepening the reform. Firstly, we must focus on the implementation of the spirit of the meeting of leading group of deepening reform. He requested the various special groups to summarize the 2017's reform works earnestly in accordance with the requirements of the previous meetings of Shenzhen's leading group of deepening reforms, and then discuss and arrange the reform tasks of 2018. Secondly, conscientiously prepare the 2018 reform work content. Follow the reform plans of the various special groups for 2018 to formulate the reform work content of the leading group of comprehensive deepening of reforms, and specify the reform tasks, reform measures, expected results, time of completion, and implement checklist and project-type management; "hang the map and engage in combat", promote the reform works. It is necessary to give prominence to the key areas, strengthen the leadership and organization of important areas such as reform of mass organization and reform of rural collective property rights system etc., and vigorously promote the implementation of the key reform tasks. Thirdly, we must push forward the reform and development through establishing rules and regulations. It is necessary to focus on issues such as the short-board of implementation of the district's reform works etc., study and formulate rules and regulations of leading group of comprehensive deepening of reforms and reform office, refine and quantize the relevant works of meeting planning, dispatching of major tasks and reform overseeing etc., to improve the quality and efficiency of reforms. We shall make high-standard and high-quality preparations for the meeting of leading group of comprehensive deepening of reforms at the beginning of next year, and lay a solid foundation for promoting comprehensive deepening of reforms in 2018.