Municipal Science and Technology Bureau investigated and surveyed the Intellectual Property Works of Ganjingzi District

On the afternoon of December 18th, An Bangxu, Deputy Director of Dalian Municipal Science and Technology Bureau lead a team of three to investigate and survey the intellectual property works of Ganjingzi District; Li Lianqiang, Deputy Head of the District Government engaged in the investigation and survey.

The Municipal Bureau of Economic and Information reported Ganjingzi District's completion situation of various intellectual property indexes and the implementation situation of relevant works.  Firstly, the District completed the goal of 985 valid patents for inventions and 2 enterprises implementing the relevant standards; the annual tasks were successfully realized. Secondly, it strengthened the training connection and special investigation; the Bureau organized over 100 enterprises of our District to participate in more than 10 training lectures on intellectual properties which greatly improved the enterprises' awareness intellectual property rights and their application enthusiasm. Thirdly, it coordinated with the District CPPCC to conduct the special consultation of "enhance the development, protection and transfer of patents and proprietary technologies of companies in Ganjingzi District", which effectively sorted out and released the entire District's patent potential and enhanced our District's innovation and R&D capabilities under the New Normal.

Next, the Bureau of Economic and Information will continue to absorb and apply the various achievements corresponding to Shanghai and incorporate the application of patent for invention, authorization and possessed quantity as rigid indexes for declaration of scientific and technological projects; at the same time, perfect the assessment system and mechanism of the district and increase the weight of assessment of patent for invention, and thus make new breakthroughs in various works.