Government of Ganjingzi District Hosted Meeting for Assessment of Administrative Performance of Governmental Departments

 In a meeting hosted days ago by Ganjingzi office for assessment of administrative performance of governmental departments, the chairman briefed the attendees of the arrangements made by the governmental leadership of Dalian for assessment of the performance of the governmental leadership of Ganjingzi District in 2017. At the meeting, the chairman made deployments for implementation of the arrangements, detailing the plan made by the government of Ganjingzi District for assessing the administrative performance of the governmental departments as well as related personnel in the district.

 The governmental departments should put the assessment right on the agenda, the chairman stressed. It should proceed in an earnest, strict and responsible manner, he said. The government personnel should assume a down-to-earth attitude when doing the basic works for the assessment, and maintain a smooth channel of communications with the superior government departments to ensure all indicators for the assessment were met satisfactorily, he said.