8 Enterprises Located in Ganjingzi District Enter List of Top 100 (2016) Manufacturing Enterprises in Dalian

After filing the application as recommended by Ganjingzi District Bureau of Economic Information, 8 enterprises including Liaowuer Electric Appliance, CFHI Hydrogenation, Xinda Transformer, Haosen Equipment are included in a list published recently by Dalian Confederation of Enterprises and Dalian Association of Enterprise Directors regarding the top 100 manufacturing enterprises in Dalian in 2016.

Located in Ganjingzi District, the 8 enterprises play an important role in optimizing the economic structure and upgrading the industrial structure in the district because of their high technological content and significant market status. The enterprises also play an active role in promoting the implementation of the creation-driven strategy in the district.

Given the rapid development of the real economy, the Ganjingzi District Bureau of Economic Information is strengthening the effort to shift the enterprises’ mode of operation from Made-in-Ganjingzi to Created-in-Ganjingzi. Taking effective measures to solve the problems faced by the enterprises in terms of business environment and providing advice for the enterprises to continuously improve their technological level and capability of independent innovation, the Bureau aims to nurture more enterprises which are qualified to enter the top 100 list.