The One Community (Village) One Legal Consultant Program of Dalian City Progresses Steadily

According to the annual consultation plan of municipal committee of CPPCC in 2017, in late November, Zhang Chuanji, Vice Chairman of the Municipal Committee of CPPCC, led a team for supervisory inspection of the coverage of the legal consultant of Dalian city - community (village). Li Xin, Deputy Director of the Municipal Bureau of Justice, and Li Chaoguo, Director of the Lawyers' Office accompanied the inspection team. The inspection team inspected four communities including Shahekou District's Xinxiwang Community of Xinghai Bay Street, Tianxing Community in Zhongshan Park Street, Zhongshan District's Kuiying Community in Kuiying Street and Fushou Community in Renmin Road Street and held a forum to listen to the implementation situations of our city's "One Community (Village) One Legal Consultant" program from Municipal Justice Bureau and Municipal Lawyer Association. 2 community secretaries talked about the more important roles community lawyers can play, 3 lawyers introduced their working experiences as community lawyers and 1 community resident talked about the experience of lawyers helping him to protect his rights; CPPCC members gave their opinions and suggestions regarding construction of fair legal service platform, integration of legal service resources, support and guarantee of budgets and intensifying the publicity etc.

Since March 2017, the Municipal Justice Bureau steadily promotes the "One Community (Village) One Legal Consultant" Program and has made significant achievements.

During the forum, Vice Chairman Zhang Chuanji fully affirmed the achievements made by Dalian's "One Community (Village) One Legal Consultant" Program and raised sincere hopes for our works in the future. He pointed out that the 19th National Congress of the CPC advocated for the promotion of full-scale rule of law, and "One Community (Village) One Legal Consultant" Program is a specific and vivid practice of rule of law; our city's "One Community (Village) One Legal Consultant" Program is down to earth and solves the citizens' demands, in addition, our works are also innovative and characteristic. Dalian's lawyers shall earnestly learn and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, adhere to socialism with Chinese characteristics of the new era proposed by Xi Jinping, improve the service and management standards, steadily promote the "One Community (Village) One Legal Consultant" Program and make contributions to build a safe, stable and harmonious social environment and a beautiful, prosperous and harmonious Dalian.