Dalian Water Affairs Bureau Inspected Works Related to Standardized Management of Large-scale Reservoirs

Dalian Water Affairs Bureau is fully learning from the successful experiences and ways in Shanghai and other developed cities in southern China in management of large-scale reservoirs. To implement The Notice on Publishing “Measures to Evaluate Management of Water Conservancy Projects & Standard of Evaluation Issued by Ministry of Water Resources (Management of Construction of Water Conservancy Projects No. 361 (2016) )”, Dalian Water Affairs Bureau issued The Notice on Publishing The Plan for Supervision of Works Related to Standardized Management of Large-scale Reservoirs Enacted by Dalian Water Affairs Bureau (Large-scale Reservoirs No. 343 (2017)) and began to inspect the works related to standardized management of the 7 large-scale reservoirs located in Dalian between November 27 and December 7.  

The inspection team was made up of standardized management experts, officials of Dalian Rivers and Reservoirs Administration, officials of Dalian Water Affairs administration at the city or district level as well as management personnel of the 7 large-scale reservoirs located in Dalian. They braved the extreme cold, going over to the 7 large-scale reservoirs including Biliu, Yingna, Zhuwei, Liuda, Zhuanjiaolou, Songshu and Dongfeng. They inspected the safety works on-site, listened to the report made by the management personnel, looked over related debriefing materials prepared by the reservoirs’ management commissions, had on-site exchanges with the management commissions and related personnel and resorted to other means of inspection surrounding the reservoirs’ management structure, safety management, operational management and economic management which cover 34 items of evaluation indices in 4 major categories. To ensure the inspection to yield solid results, they issued 7 inspection reports, discovered 175 potential risk points, put forward 100 pieces of corrective measures or suggestions.