2017 Training Session Themed on Blue Sea Campaign (Zhuanghe Chapter) Began in Zhuanghe

A 2-day training session themed on 2017 Blue Sea Campaign (Zhuanghe Chapter) & Urban Construction of Dalian Oceanic Center (or Marine Economy Development Forum) began on December 24, marking the start of the drive to create a pilot economic zone for marine economy in Zhuanghe.

Hao Ming, the vice mayor of Dalian and Wang Limin, the vice mayor of Zhuanghe attended the opening ceremony of the training session.

According to reports, the training session was jointly hosted by Dalian City Oceanic and Fishery Administration, Dalian Ocean University as well as the People’s Government of Zhuanghe. It aims to facilitate the urban construction of Dalian oceanic center and creation of a pilot economic zone for marine economy in Zhuanghe as called for by the speech delivered by Xi Jinping, the general secretary of the communist party of China to the members of Liaoning delegation when they attended the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

The training session was attended by leaders of Dalian City Oceanic and Fishery Administration, the experts of Dalian Ocean University, leaders of the governments of Lushunkou District, Jinpu New District and Wafangdian city, leaders of North Yellow Sea Economic Zone, leaders of towns (sub-district governments) along the sea coast as well as leaders of key fishing villages and fishing enterprises.