The Public Administrative Service Center of Zhuanghe City Is Constantly Improving Efficiency of Administrative Examination and Approval.

In recent years, the public administrative service center of Zhuanghe city is constantly improving the working efficiency to further optimize the business environment.

After the government initiated reform in the procedure for administrative examination and approval, the working efficiency at every counter in the service center is being obviously improved. Now should the applicant prepare the needed documents, he (she) would acquire the license or administrative approval in a single day. The applicant would acquire the license from the administration of market supervision and management in 12 working days rather than 15 as was formerly promised. The application for the license issued by the food and drug administration would take 15 working days rather than 18. The personnel at the service center would extend the work hours for the applicants if necessary.

Meanwhile, the public administrative service center is actively promoting standard services for administrative examination and approval by integrating services both on-line and off-line, trying to improve the working efficiency and satisfy the demand of the enterprises and the people while reducing the service cost and time for them.