Jinpu New District Made Deployments for Reexamination of Status of National Sanitary City

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China attaches great importance to preserving the sanitary environment in China.

The status of national sanitary city, the provincial sanitary city and the national sanitary town conferred to Jinpu New District will be reexamined next year. To consolidate the achievements, the government of Jinpu New District organized a meeting yesterday, making deployments for the key tasks which should be finished from now to October next year in stages which involve self-inspection, implementation of rectifications and preparing for the reexaminations.

Reexamination of the status of national sanitary city covers the urban area of Dalian except Zhuanghe  Wafangdian and Changhai. Reexamination of the status of provincial sanitary city covers Jinpu New Districts including all communities and urban villages within the jurisdiction of the sub-district governments in Dalian. Reexamination of the status of national sanitary town covers the urban area within the jurisdiction of Shihe sub-district government in Jinpu New District.

At the meeting, after reading out the text of Draft Plan for Implementation of Works to Consolidate Achievements Made for Winning the Status of National Sanitary City, Provincial Sanitary City and National Sanitary Town in Jinpu New District, the chairman required all related government departments and the sub-district governments to attach great importance to implementation of the plan, and work out a checklist of shortcomings which need to be rectified involving 40 items in 8 categories as stipulated by The Standard of National Sanitary City.

Jinpu New District has successively passed the reexaminations since it won the status of National Sanitary City in 1993 as well as the status of Provincial Sanitary City in 2011. Shihe sub-district government has also successively passed the reexaminations since it won the status of National Sanitary Town in 2003.