Dalian Disabled People's Association celebrated the 26th International Day of Disabled Persons 2017 Third Embrace With Love Charity Concert ended Succ

December 3rd, 2017 was the 26th International Day of Disabled Persons. The third Embrace with Love Charity Concert sponsored by Dalian Youth Development Foundation, supervised by Dalian Civilization Office, Dalian Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Youth League and Dalian Disabled People's Federation and co-organized by Dalian No.1 Middle School 1988 Alumni Foundation and Dalian Aina Autism Comprehensive Service Center was held in Dalian Theatre at 19:00 on the day. The nearly two-hour long audio-visual feast perfectly integrated love and music ended successfully in warm applauses of about 1,000 audiences.

The charity concert was hosted by Cai Yang, host of Cai Yang's Time-Thank You of Dalian Television Station. Leaders of Dalian Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Dalian Municipal People's Congress, Dalian Civilization Office, Dalian Disabled Persons' Federation, Dalian Civil Affairs Bureau and Dalian Youth Development Foundation attended the event. As an important media partner of this concert, Chengshizhitongche Program of Dalian Television's Life Channel reported the concert and its preparation as well as the autism service programs of Dalian Aina for one week.

Aina Star Kid baking workshop, handmade product bazaar, autism science and social advocacy posters display area were set up on the scene of the charity concert. The tasty cookies and nougats made by older autism children were highly praised by the audiences and were sold out during the half-time break. All income from the box office of this charity concert and the on-site bazaar will be donated to the vocational training and supported employment project of older autism people; this project is the result and following project of central government supporting social organizations to engage in social service program Community Protective Employment Ability Improvement Program of People with Autism in 2017.

December 3rd, 2017 was the 26th International Day of Disabled Persons. The theme of this year's International Day of the Disabled Persons was released in the International Conference of Disabled Persons of the UN: Transformation towards sustainable and resilient society for all.