Dalian Ecological Technology Innovation City Is Active in Attracting New Industries.

Dalian Ecological Technology Innovation City (DETIC) is fully devoted to building various development platforms in 2017. Integrating policies, markets, talents, financial resource and other resources, DETIC has attracted new industries and new elements to converge: several  well-known advertising companies have settled in Dalian advertising industrial park; Construction Cube industrial park was inaugurated on October 28, aiming to lead the development of prefabricated construction; the human resource industrial park will be opened, targeting talent training, business incubation and attraction of high-end talents from home and abroad.

Development not only depends on changing the way of thinking. It is also closely related to changing the working style and improving the level of service. After 2015, DETIC management commission focused on shifting the employees’ working style, optimizing the business environment and improving services. “We should look away as far as possible, have access to an extensive collection of information, and assume the down-to-earth attitude in our works.”, a senior executive said. The management commission uses every possible means to attract investment. It facilitates attraction of business investment in DETIC by signing agency agreements with several professional intermediaries which have access to an extensive collection of information and are capable to attract low-cost investment because of wide network coverage and market space. So far, among the enterprises in Dalian Ecological Technology Innovation City, over 90 percent settled here thanks to the efforts by the platforms and intermediaries.  

“After enterprises settle in, we should timely provide the services they need. The management commission should try every means to help the enterprises solve the problems they encounter in the operations. We should provide an environment for development of the enterprises.”, the senior executive said. Through an interactive platform built between the industrial parks and enterprises, the management commission can communicate with the enterprises at any time, learn about their demand and help them solve problems which exceed over 100 cases every year involving policy support, workers’ daily commute and accommodations, etc. Wipro Technologies, a global 500 company settled in Dalian Ecological Technology Innovation City (DETIC) last year. It increased the investment this year because of its optimistic view over the investment environment and services here. After the company expanded the operations in DETIC, the number of employees increased from an initial 300 to over 1000 now. Wipro Technologies decides to close its business in Japan this year and move its Asia-Pacific or even global resources and businesses to Dalian Ecological Technology Innovation City (DETIC), Shaq, the Great China chief said.

Golden Cube industrial park completed the formalities for corporate registration in the earlier time. It specializes in providing multi-channel services for enterprises including listed companies in Dalian Ecological Technology Innovation City (DETIC) to further widen its channels of financial cooperation in Northeast Asia. The health industrial park, which is cooperative project between Golden Cube and Beijing Huakang Tongbang Technology Co., Ltd., is under construction. The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) is negotiating with DETIC on cooperation to build an Indian Industrial Park in Dalian Ecological Technology Innovation City (DETIC). As the 1st step, NASSCOM plans to transfer 25 Indian enterprises scattered in other places in China to Dalian Ecological Technology Innovation City (DETIC), and later attract some software development or artificial intelligence companies inside India to settle in the Indian Industrial Park. After both parties signed the cooperative agreement, the Indian Industrial Park project enters the stage of substantive operation.