Jiaojin Mountain Park, the 1st Intelligent Park in Ganjingzi District Opened to the Public

The Jiaojin Mountain Park opened to the public on November 20, 2017. It is the largest mountain park in the urban area of Dalian, covering about 500000 m2. After 2 years of construction, it turns out to be the 1st intelligent park in Ganjingzi District, benefiting over 100000 people.

Workers finished construction of 125000 m2 inside Jiaojin Mountain in 2016. Based on the design philosophy of integrating fire escapes, recreational mountaineering, relaxation activities, environment protection and Internet, Ganjingzi District Bureau of Municipal Construction continued with the 2nd phase of construction which covered 375000 m2 in 2017. The “Internet+”, intelligent management and other advanced ideas are also integrated into the park as illustrated by the monitoring cameras, wireless microwave transceivers and other devices which intelligently cover and monitor all directions of the park, and sound the alarm immediately in case of a fire emergency. With mobile Internet, thematic sports, sports & health cloud experts as the core content, the intelligent bodybuilding & sports service system includes 6 sub-systems involving health inspection, cloud guidance for scientific bodybuilding, forest-fire prevention, intelligent tracks for music-accompanied bodybuilding, equipment maintenance & management via 2D scanning as well as environment quality inspection, making it easier for people to build bodies scientifically.