Lushunkou District officially launches the “three famous” cultivation project

Recently, Lushunkou District launched the independent development project and characteristic-orientation project out of the “three famous” cultivation projects in an all-round way.

Lushunkou District Bureau of Education signed cooperative agreements with two experts of Dalian Bureau of Education. These two experts are invited to guide the above two projects, help the principals with the top-level design for school development as well as method and strategy in the process of implementation. Taking the project as the guideline, the two experts will focus on "Lushun experience" that can be replicated and popularized and can contribute to improving the overall level of regional education on the basis of guiding the principals to devote themselves to the education research and the specialization growth of school and build prestigious and influential schools in the region.

It is learned that the independent development project and the characteristic-orientation project are tailored by the Bureau of Education in accordance to the actual situation of schools. The former focuses on the transformation of management style while the latter is more inclined to development path research. They have different forms but the same goals, both of which are aimed at maximizing the optimization and utilization of resources and improving the quality of education and teaching.