Lushunkou District carries out promotion activities on featured tourism at Liupanshui City

Recently, Lushunkou District Tourism Bureau followed the delegation of the study tour organized by Dalian Tourism Development Commission to visit Guizhou. At the 12th Tourism Industry Conference, Lushunkou District Tourism Bureau discussed with their counterparts in Guizhou Province to learn about the featured tourism achievements characterized by mountains, ecology, nationality and science popularization. They also investigated the advanced experience of Liupanshui City in developing featured tourism and conducted the promotion and interaction activities on bilateral tourism resources.

This tourism industry conference covers the travel congress of the entire province, tourism emulating club and tourism promotion meeting. This “1+2” conference mode fully demonstrates the maximum impact on each attendee. At the same time, through the industry congress, we should combine industry development with market expansion to enhance tourism influence by making full use of government promotion and market pull.