Zhonghua Road Street holds a series of theme activities “soliciting public opinions for development”

The work report of the 19th National Congress pointed out that government at all levels should stick to strategic thinking, innovative thinking and dialectical thinking and make overall plans and scientific decisions. The Party Committee of Zhonghua Road Street fully mobilized vast Party members to take an active part in the theme activities with good ideas and practical actions.

According to the deployments of mass learning and discussion, the Party Committee of the street organized an enlarged meeting on November 7 to convey the spirit of relevant conferences and learn the “On Contradiction” and “On Practice” by Mao Zedong. Branch secretaries of street organs attended the meeting with focus on three big rules of materialistic dialectics.

At the meeting, branch secretaries were required to play the leading role, take responsibilities, correctly understand the profound connotation of “socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era” and in depth analyze social principal contradictions.

Party members have easy access to speeches by President Xi on Wechat platforms with focus on the standard and model role of a qualified Party member, which enables over 3000 Party members to timely learn about the Party polices and convey the positive thoughts of the Party.

Based on the requirements of relevant notifications, multiple rounds of training on basic theories of the Party were held to give full to the role of “Party role of Meishan Community” and carry forward the concept of unity of knowing and doing.

During the training, the deputy secretary of Zhonghua Street, by way of on-the-spot PPT teaching, scientifically introduced the inspection in Minhang District of Shanghai and solicited the opinions of the community cadres in terms of concept upgrading and Party building. Community cadres showed great interest in the Party construction of Shanghai Minhang District and actively raised questions concerning system guarantee, use of expenditure, cost of mass service as well as Party member recruiting.

Street departments will take advantage of the community Party school so as to create a favorable platform for Party cadres to express their ideas on development and carry forward positive energy. Based on the previous successful experiences, the work on Party building should also constantly innovate and mobilize all Party members to make joint efforts for ultimate goals.

The Party Committee of Zhonghua Road Street put forward the “Seed Plan” and organized over 110 Party members to visit Lushun Museum for investigation and further understanding of the history and development of Dalian.

After the investigation, the Party members paid a visit to the mass service center of Zhonghua Road Street and shared their views on the city construction and economic development. The meeting pointed out that the street should take advantage of industrial clusters, talent resources and service functions of Party committee. All Party members were required to make more contributions to economic development and Party building and firmly guarantee the rights and interests of the masses.