Recommending conference of Dalian tourism system leaves a perfect endgame in Shanghai

On November 24, a recommending conference of Dalian tourism system left a perfect endgame in Shanghai. Lushunkou District attended the conference. The recommending group was composed of relevant staff from tourism departments of Dalian, Zhongshan District, Lushunkou District, Jinpu New District, Wafangdian, Pulandian and Changhai County. Cheng Meihong, deputy head of Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration, and representatives from over 80 travel agencies of Shanghai attended the conference.

Liu Changhong, deputy head of Dalian Municipal Commission of Tourism Development, first made a speech on the conference. Then, tourism departments at all levels propagandized local tourism respectively. Lushunkou introduced the whole district from different respects, especially Dalian (Lushun) International Sakura Festival, International Dragon Boat Competition, Lushun Cherry Festival, Fishing Festival, Fisherman Festival, International Bird Watching Competition, Lantern Festival and other special activities. Besides, tourism products, including district scenery, historical sites, and leisure experience were also introduced to Shanghai tourism field, which enhanced the understanding and popularity of Lushun’s rich tourism resources. A series of interactive activities were conducted through official WeChat platform, 3D signature and computer lottery. Special tourism souvenirs were promoted on the conference to revitalize atmosphere, which gained remarkable effects.

The conference was one of the specific actions on implementing the study and discussion of “studying speeches, benchmarking Shanghai, emancipating minds and working hard” conducted by Lushun Tourism Administration Department, aiming to promote tourism development of both sides and enhance bilateral publicity, information sending and sharing. The win-win relationship brought happiness to citizens in tourism. The journey of the recommending activity lasted for 5 days, starting from Dalian to Hangzhou, Shaoxing and Jiaxing, and leaving an endgame in Shanghai with a whole distance of about 2500 kilometers. The expected targets were met and good effects of publicity were received.