Ganjingzi District holds the second lesson-presenting competition of communities

In order to further promote the professional and content-rich development of community education, accelerate the brand construction of "100 teachers coming into the community" and improve the teaching level of community education, the second Ganjingzi District lesson-presenting competition with the theme of “100 teachers coming into the community” was held in Xinghua Street and Airport Street on November 8.

All streets recommended 22 teachers to participate in the competition divided into the East Division and West Division. Seven streets including Dalian Bay Street belonged to the East Division with competitions held in Xinghua Street. Another seven streets including Yingchengzi Street belonged to the West Division with their competitions held in Airport Street. Judge group consisted of the leaders of the community college and education specialists of the streets.

The average level of lesson presentation this year has been greatly improved through the first competition with clear targets, purposeful materials, customized teaching methods and compact rhythm. This even showed both the solid basic skills and the superb teaching level of teachers, and further demonstrated their enthusiasm for community education.

The competition is an important measure to promote the community education development, which symbolizes the specialty and high caliber of community education. In addition, this competition enhances the brand building of “100 teachers coming into the community” as well as the teaching ability and level of community education teachers.