Dalian team won the grand prize in National Square Dance Competition finals

2017 National Square Dance Competition final held in Li Autonomous County of Lingshui, Hainan on November 18 to 19. Dalian team ranked first and won the only grand prize, which was the best ranking of Dalian city and Liaoning province in national square dance competitions.

National Square Dance Competition represented the highest level, the largest scale and the most extensive coverage, which included 4 steps --auditions, qualifiers, competitions in branch sites and final. In the previous competition in Zhangjiagang, Dalian team won the first prize and reached the final.

The National Square Dance Competition final was held by Social Sports Guidance Center of General Administration of Sport of China, China Association of Social Sports Instructor, Department of Culture Radio Television Publication, Hainan Province Culture and Sports Office and the People's Government of Li Autonomous County in Lingshui. The competition attracted 41 teams from all over the country, and more than 800 square dance enthusiasts participated in it. There were two parts for each team-- prescribed dance and free dance, and the scores of the two parts determined final rankings. Under the organization of Group Department of Dalian Sports Bureau, Dalian Social Sports Guidance Center and Dalian Square Dance Association, the team composed of 12 athletes from Zhongshan District, Shahekou District and Changhai County participated in the final. Finally, the team achieved 92.043 points in prescribed dance and 90.714 points in free dance, thus ranking the first with 182.757 aggregate points and winning the only grand prize.