Lushun young entrepreneurs study the 19th National Congress at Tieshan Municipal Office, SAT

On November 16, 18 young enterprises representatives of the JCC members and some young entrepreneurs from Lushun Economic and Technological Development Zone and Tieshan Street came to Tieshan Municipal Office, SAT, which won the title of “National Youth Civilization”, to take part in the thematic forum of “studying the 19th National Congress and striding forward together”. The Chinese Communist Youth League Committee of Lushunkou District organized the forum, aiming to create a sound business environment, bound up with young entrepreneurs and help them understand the latest policies and basic functions of SAT.

After studying the report delivered on the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with attendees, Tieshan Municipal Office, SAT introduced the overall situation of levy and management of national tax as well as optimized actions and services in the institution of national tax. The office also analyzed and answered relevant problems on the policy change of national and added-value tax in accordance with the realities of Lushun young enterprises. SAT and enterprises made joint efforts to help young enterprises to resolve practical problems and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress.