Hao Ming attends on-the-spot meeting of 2017 National Network Construction of Cigarette Marketing

Yesterday, the on-the-spot meeting of 2017 National Network Construction of Cigarette Marketing was held in Dalian. Over the past two days, more than 170 representatives from cigarette industry across China got together to summary the basic condition of national network construction and study Dalian’s experience. It was the first time for Dalian to undertake national meeting after holding the on-the-spot meeting of 2004 National Network Construction of Cigarette Marketing. Xu Yuying, deputy director of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, and Hao Ming, deputy mayor of Dalian, attended the meeting.

In recent years, Dalian tobacco works tirelessly on marketing service, industrial and commercial coordination, network construction and modern logistics. With unswervingly efforts, Dalian tobacco has combined five advantages to create the “13531” project, namely, building a new market, establishing three platforms, developing five new terminals, transforming three new marketing methods and forming a new team. Dalian has positively explored the development trend of retail industry and sought for transformation and upgrade. The exclusive gift of “Dalian” tobacco has been developed and the gold-lettered signboard of “Spring Convenience” has been built up. Dalian will enhance supervision and management of tobacco monopoly and optimizing marketing environment. Shanghai and Dalian will deepen cooperation and implement the “Double Plan”. The economy of tobacco industry will make sustainable development and the total amount of revenue and profit will be increased.