"Follow-Up Survey " of the Airport Subdistrict helps residents to get employment

"I want to say thanks to our community for helping me to find a job. Now I'm doing quite well, and my family income has become stable." A community resident, Mr. Xia, said. Because of his unemployment, his wife was the only family member who got a job, along with a high school child to raise, their living was once really tough. Recently, the community interviewed his family for many times and helped him to be reemployed.

Among these old communities in the subdistrict, there are a number of registered unemployed workers and the situations are also complicated. Based on this matter of fact, the community office makes serious researches and judgements to establish follow-up records on unemployed workers. The office adheres to the working method by visiting from door to door and caring every demand of the people. By means of making phone calls and paying return visits, the communication between the office and the unemployed people can be achieved. The follow-up of the zero-employment families should not only end up with the individual, but also reach to his or her family and work place, so as to thoroughly solve "the last one mile" problem of the employment issue.

The subdistrict takes full use of network management. The community has set up full-time follow-up staff and mobilized over 100 floor advisors in the subdistrict as part-time staff, so as to follow up the residents at anytime. Through monthly floor advisor meeting, the community can get the information to focus on the key people. The staff should aim at "visiting people, knowing people, helping people" and not be afraid of weariness. In this spirit, the follow up work then can be carried out elaborately, and the connection between residents and employment can be built up authentically.

The subdistrict is constantly enriching the service content and improving the service quality. In this year, a series of employment activities has been implemented including "Spring Action recruitment", "Bring the job into the house", "GSP skills training", and "Entrepreneurship Salon". The number of employees in the subdistrict has grown by 1358, and entrepreneurs by over 200. The Airport Subdistrict will continue to emancipate the mind in the future, study advanced experience from model districts, and provide better services for the people.