Small and micro businesses need to promote financial service level and sense of responsibility

The national video and telephone conference on financial service of small and micro businesses was held in Beijing a few days ago. Hong Dengjin, deputy mayor of Dalian, attended the conference at parallel meeting place set in Dalian.

The conference requested that government and financial institutions should promote capability and effect of small and micro businesses’ financial service and take practical measures on monetary policy and fiscal policy to support them. Besides, the organization system should be completed to meet the requirements of these businesses to improve their financial products and services. The direct financing should be developed and the financing assurance and insurance mechanism should be established. Meanwhile, the construction of credit information system should be further promoted and unreasonable charge should be rectified, releasing enterprises’ burdens.

Hong urged all departments and entities to focus on the financial service of small and micro businesses and be more sensitive. Departments and entities should understand the decisions, arrangements and policy trend of the Party and the State Council. Small and micro businesses should enhance crisis awareness and change working style in accordance with typical experience. They should also enhance sense of responsibility and study working ideas of financial service to refer and popularize typical experience based on policies, making all-round progress in promoting the service level.