The fourth steering group of the provincial government comes to Lushunkou District for research and investigation

On November 15, the fourth steering group of provincial government conducted an investigation and supervision on the completion of investment promotion and assessment indexes, reviewed the problems faced in the work, especially in investment promotion, and put forward some practical suggestions concerning the problems. District mayor Li Jun, deputy mayor Wang Chao and relevant officials from Economic Commission for Economic Cooperation and Bureau of Commerce participated in the investigation.

Wang Chao made a work report to the steering group. From January to October, Lushunkou District implemented investment activities through adopting new management system for district construction and established project joint-evaluation system in order to constantly optimize the business environment and formulated preferential investment promotion policies. Li Jun explained the problems existing in the investment promotion work and hoped that the provincial steering group could provide help and guidance during this investigation.

The steering group affirmed the implementation of Lushunkou District’s  domestic investment projects, analyzed the problems in foreign investment projects and hoped the government would actively promote the transformation of working methods. In accordance with the requirements concerning the new pattern of reform and opening up put forward by General Secretary Xi at the 19th CPC National Congress, the government should broaden their horizons when faced with problems, exploit the unique advantages of the location and draw on the advanced development experience to break the impediment to the investment promotion. What’s more, the government also need to strengthen the military and civilian integration and find a meeting point in the development to walk out a new path. The steering group reported the objective factors existing in foreign investment attracting and the relevant suggestions put forward for the district government to the provincial government which would help make new progress in attracting foreign investment.

Meanwhile, the steering group conducted a field trip to the key projects in Lushunkou District.