Vigorously promoting the construction of ecological civilization in Jinpu New Area

Dengsha River is a major river in the new area. 36 signs with names of river chiefs have been set up to implement river governance responsibility, which has contributed to the governance of Dengsha River and made the water quality reach the standard. 

In order to implement new development concepts and the strategy for constructing beautiful China, the General Office of CPC Central Committee General Office and the General Office of the State Council printed and distributed Advice on Comprehensively Promoting the Implementation of River Chief System and required relevant regions and departments to implement it in combination with reality. It was known from environmental protection authorities and department of agriculture of the area that river chief system will be implemented. According to schedule, the work plan for river chief system had been drawn up by the end of June, the compilation of directory had been finished by the end of Sept. and the “one policy for one river” will be realized by the end of next March.

According to the work plan, the river chief system to be implemented in the new area sticks to the principle of ecology first, green development, linkage among departments under the leadership of Party and government, problem orientation, strict governance and assessment. By 2020, the control rate of water quality of major water functional districts will reach 82.3%, the excellent rate of river quality will be up to 85%, and generally no V water will be discharged into the sea, thus realizing the goal listed in the letter of responsibility signed with the municipal government. The excellence rate of water quality of centralized water sources for drinking water will reach 100%. Other problems such as garbage in rivers and reservoirs, illegal use of river, etc. will be basically resolved. By 2030, the control rate of water quality  in major functional districts will reach 95%. The water quality of rivers, drinking waters and underground water will be basically stable and ecological system will be improved greatly. Black and stinky water will be basically eliminated by then.

The new river chief will in accordance with grading management and territorial principle establish a system that hires river chiefs at provincial, city, county and township levels. River and reservoir chiefs include general river chief, deputy river chief and river chief. River chiefs at all levels are responsible for protection of water resources, water quality compliance, water bank management, water pollution prevention and control, water environment management, etc. Responsible departments should deal with such problems as encroachment of river courses, reclamation of the reservoir area, excessive discharge of sewage, illegal sand mining and so on, conduct joint management and control of upstream and downstream, supervise the implementation of responsibility, set up publicity boards with names of river chiefs.

According to the economic and social impact of the river on the local economy, 11 rivers and 4 reservoirs in the area will be taken as targets during the 13th Fifth Year Plan including Dengsha River, Daweijia River, Ganqi River, Qingyun River, Sanshili River, Nanji River, Longkou River, Dongda River, Beida River, Paotai River, Liujia River, Gezitang Reservoir, Qingyunhe Reservoir, Donggou Reservoir, and Longkou Reservoir.