The spirit of the 19th National Congress runs in the blood of forest policemen

Stepping into a new era, opening a new journey and writing a new chapter, we need to strive to forge ahead with the unshaken goal,  direction and strength and never forget the original will.

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was held successfully in Beijing. Xi Jinping's ideology on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era sparkled on the land of China. The spirit of the 19th National Congress is now flowing in the blood of every communist. It is the original aspiration and mission of every Chinese communist to seek happiness for the people and seek rejuvenation for the nation. It has been the motto of forest policemen in Dalian to always work together with people, always take people's longing for a better life as a goal, and always fight for the goal of building a beautiful China.

Arouse people’s all efforts to make the country prosperous, fully implement ideas and forge ahead with the new voyage. The report of the 19th National Congress of the CPC anchored the need to build China into a prosperous, democratic, civilized, harmonious and beautiful socialist country with a view to integrating “harmony between man and nature” into the basic strategy of upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. General Secretary Xi raised that the goal of beautiful China would be achieved in 2035 with a clear timetable, an explicit road map, a solid task list and a “fast forward key” of building ecological civilization so that everyone can see the beautiful China.

All the forest policemen are required to win trust of people in order to implement the new voyage of “quickening the reform of ecological civilization and building a beautiful China” mentioned in General Secretary Xi Jinping's report at the 19th National Congress. As a participant, contributor and leader in promoting green development, solving environmental problems and increasing ecological protection, forest policemen should establish and practice the concept that green mountains are great treasure, insist on the fundamental state policies of saving resources and protecting the environment, treat the ecological environment as life, resolutely stop and punish actions that undermine the ecological environment and act as escorts for the grand start of the new millennium for the Chinese nation. The spirit of the 19 National Congress is scientific, contemporary and instructive with decisive significance for forest policemen to actively protect ecological environment in the future. The new goals, new tasks, new measures and new strategies for ecological civilization construction, put forward by the Forest Public Security Bureau in accordance with the report and activities of the large-scale study and discussion with the theme of “studying the speeches, learning from Shanghai, emancipating the mind and working hard”, should be fully studied one by one so as to make practical plans. Efforts should be also made to improve political positions, solidly and steadily push forward the work of the forest police center, firmly establish the socialist concept of ecological civilization, promote the formation of a new pattern of harmonious development and modernization of man and nature, and protect the ecological environment.

Efforts should be made to safeguard our sovereignty and territory. The Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has integrated ecological civilization construction into the “five in one” overall layout of the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics and has made a series of comprehensive and systematic top-level designs and decision-making arrangements for the building of beautiful China.

Dalian Municipal Bureau of Forest Public Security, based on the current situation, upheld a steady and innovative work style, continuously improved the leading position of the forest public security, coordinated advantageous resources, including forest public security, forest fire prevention, forest fire fighting and full-time forest rangers, continuously strove for benefits and scientifically troubleshot the shortage of police pressure. Technical and manual prevention should be both enhanced to improve the ability of forest public security and strive to prevent fire in mountains and forests. The ecological environment is the “lifeline” of Dalian. The municipal Party committee and the municipal government regarded ecological protection and construction as the most important task. The forest public security is more capable and responsible for making the mountains greener, the water clearer and the sky bluer. At present, the regularized construction of professional forest fire brigade in the whole city has been continuously promoted. The equipment modernization of forest protection and forest police has been continuously strengthened and the infrastructure construction has reached a new stage. Satisfactory achievements have been made from last winter to this spring. Dynamic forest fire prevention and three-dimensional propaganda grid have achieved remarkable results. Self-examination, self-correction, supervision and patrol work have been strengthened so as not to leave hidden corners. Efforts have been made to let the team unbeatable, including rewarding those who did a deed of merit and setting good examples. The forest public security gave full play to every member and the whole team and deployed all details so as to make Dalian prosperous again and build an indestructible ecological safety barrier.

It’s essential to gather strength and increase cohesion. The door of the new era opened after the “19th National Congress” successfully concluded. It’s incumbent on the forest firefighters and all Party members to bear in mind the initial mission. Under the correct leadership of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, the forest firefighters will unite together and strive to forge ahead in building the beautiful China.

The road ahead will still be long. There are still many problems to be solved in forest fire prevention, including insufficient police personnel, slow implementation of policies, non-optimal institutional arrangements, many constraints in management system and much interference in law enforcement, low level of law enforcement specialization, lack of support for big platforms and big data, as well as insufficient special funds and police equipment. Law enforcement can’t form a valid deterrent because of not grasping all details. There still exist some outstanding problems in forest fire prevention work, such as emphasizing firefighting but ignoring prevention, and existing blind spots of responsibility implementation and fire control. Although these temporary problems cannot be a stumbling block to the construction of ecological civilization escorted by forest public security, they should be put into the agenda and solved as soon as possible. Therefore, all forest policemen should be of confidence, actively explore, work hard and constantly improve the reform and problem-solving ability under the guidance of the spirit of the 19th National Congress and Xi Jinping's thoughts of the new era, thus making the forest police team go one step further.

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has proposed new goals and new tasks. General Secretary Xi Jinping has outlined the grand blueprint for the new nation in the new era. In the historical process of achieving the Two Centenary Goal, all forest fire prevention workers will make every effort to carry out the overall planning and alignment of their targets entrusted by the Party and the people, unswervingly devote themselves to the construction of a beautiful and ecological and civilized China, and enhance people's sense of gain, happiness and security with better green ecological environment.