Handmade glass making with a hundred history flourishes in Jinpu New Area again

The glass industry with a history of more than one hundred years, which used to make Dalian people proud, vanished in the wave of reform. Now, a group of entrepreneurs and veteran craftsmen combine traditional craftsmanship with modern concepts to make Chinese glassware flourish in the world.

At the 100th anniversary celebration of Dalian glassware, some craftsmen of previous Dalian Glassware Factory communicated with new craftsmen and  were delighted to see the glassware art carried forward by young generation.

At that time, craftsmen of Dalian Glassware Factory created National Famous Brand of Dalian glassware under unimaginable simple condition, but the decades-long factory closed down in the market.

Now, a group of entrepreneurs and veteran craftsmen make Chinese glassware flourish again in the world. Li Guanghua, general manager of Dalian Tongbao Handicraft Co., Ltd. won the honor of “China Master of Glassware”, the only one in Northeast China. Li’s team is the only one in China that can produce large-scale art glass team. The team has won national patent for the glass skeleton with their products sold in 60 countries and regions such as Europe, America and Asia.