On weekends, citizens visit Taiyanggou, Lushun

Though most of the northern China has entered the winter, Dalian still enjoys  the beautiful autumn scenery. Taiyanggou in Lushun, the first choice in autumn for many visitors, is in its most beautiful season for people to appreciate colorful leaves.

Of all paths in Taiyanggou, the “golden avenue” in Taiguang street is the most popular one. Stepping on the path carpeted with golden ginkgo leaves, looking afar, you will see a wonderful autumn picture scroll with photographers, walkers, sketchers, and people carrying a small basket to look for ginkgo fruits.

This is the third year for Taiyanggou to hold the Colorful Leaves Festival. With its autumn scenery rising to fame, people are increasingly coming to this feast of autumn leaves from urban areas. Especially on weekends, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m, a continuous stream of visitors in threes and fives, came here, taking pictures and lingering at Taiguang street. When breeze blows, the ginkgo leaves gleam with golden glory in the sunshine. Many people choose here as a photo-taking resort for their wedding trip, family reunion and classmates and comrades meeting. Thus, it has become a natural photo-studio and painting site for academies of fine arts throughout the country. In addition, CCTV reporters also made a special report on it.