Dalian Institute of Science and Technology celebrates the fifteenth anniversary of establishment

Dalian Institute of Science and Technology granted the campus library an official name as “Gao Zhi Library” in its fifteenth anniversary of establishment on October 16. Lushunkou District Mayor Li Jun and Party Secretary of Lushun Development Zone Administrative Committee Shan Juning attended the ceremony and unveiled the library.

In 2002, Dalian Jiaotong University established College of Information Engineering together with Dalian World Peace Park Co., Ltd. In April 2011, approved by the Ministry of Education, the college was formally transferred to Dalian Institute of Science and Technology, belonging to the provincial undergraduate colleges and universities. In the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the establishment of Dalian Institute of Science and Technology, in memory of the founder Mr. Gao Zhi, the library was formally named “Gao Zhi Library” to inspire faculty, staff and students to study hard.

During 15 years, Dalian Institute of Science and Technology established the industrial-oriented, application-based-oriented and engineering-based-oriented school orientation, formed two troops of moral education and teaching, built three teams of the school leadership, middle-level cadres, faculty and staff, and integrated six resources of board of directors, leaders at all levels, students, teachers, parents and society to achieve a breakthrough from the concept of running a school to the quality of teaching. In March 2016, Dalian Institute of Science and Technology was approved to be one of the pilot colleges and universities of the transformation development in Liaoning province, and 11 majors was approved as pilot majors.

In recent years, the Institute has carried out school-enterprise cooperation with Dalian Metro Operations Co., Ltd., Shenyang Metro Operations Co., Ltd., CRRC Dalian Co., Ltd., Nissan and Harbin Railway Bureau. In 2017, Dalian Institute of Science and Technology led the formation of the "Liaoning Rail Transportation School-Enterprise Alliance" and invested nearly 30 million yuan to establish a training base. At present, the base has trained more than 300 workers from Dalian Electric Section of Shenyang Railway Bureau and has received more than 700 college students’ practice.

It was reported that the project of "Dalian subway online platform of staff training and assessment" researched and developed by the Dalian Institute of Science and Technology has been fully launched.