Nearly a thousand ancient and famous trees in Lushunkou District have entered into the national management system

Yesterday, the survey on ancient and famous trees in Lushunkou District came to a successful conclusion. Nearly a thousand trees in this area have entered into the national system of ancient and famous trees, which provided scientific basis for the management of trees and the protection of ecological environment in the whole area.

The survey was carried out jointly by the Agriculture, Forestry and Water Conservancy Bureau and Urban Construction Bureau of Lushunkou. There are  955 ancient and famous trees out of 20 varieties in the area including 586 loblolly pines, 103 zelkova serrata trees, 86 ginkgo trees, 34 acer truncatum trees, 24 evodia daniellii trees and 122 trees of other species. These trees are mainly distributed in urban, suburban and scenic areas, which have been recorded after the survey.

This survey focused on rare trees with a history of over centuries as well as great historic values and significance. Especially “the king of all trees in Lushun”, a 600 hundred-year-old lobular hackberry tree in Lushun Tieshan area, 20 meters in height, 4.1 meters in DBH (diameter at breast height) and 22 meters in width of the crown, has witnessed the historical changes in this area. After the process, the technical staff, using such ways as GPS positioning, photo taking and visiting, have obtained all-round information and basic data of these trees in number, type, distribution, growth condition as well as maintenance and management, thus laying a foundation for the scientific protection of "one tree one policy".

As the living relics and fossils in the Lushun area, these trees are not only  a symbol of harmony between man and nature, and of good ecological environment, but a business card of green city. After the survey, relevant departments will set up tags for each tree and specify maintenance responsibility and measures to relevant units and staff for the bloom of these trees as well as the development of civilization in Lushun.