Lushunkou District Tieshan Street issues rules for decision-making of major matters

In order to ensure the scientific and standardized decision-making of major matters, Lushunkou District Tieshan Street issued the Party Working Committee Rules of Procedure to strengthen team unity, improve decision level and safeguard leaders’ authority. Several measures have been made.

The first is to make discussion form explicit and ensure the standardized decision-making after group discussion following the basic principle of “group leading, democratic centralism, accounting for individual affairs and final determination at meeting”. The meeting should be held once a week or irregularly in time of significant matters after the proposal of committee secretary or over half of committee members. The meeting can only be held with the participation of more than two thirds of the total committee members. The committee secretary must attend the meeting and anyone who fails to be present for some reason should ask for leave.

The second is to specify the scope of discussion and standardize the decision-making of major matters. The Party Working Committee meeting should formulate specific work deployment and suggestions in accordance with the Party’s policy, national legislation and superior documents. Major matters must be incorporated into the discussion scope such as the long-term plan of economic development, annual plan, financial budget, key construction projects, capital utilization, personnel adjustment, etc.

The third is to standardize discussion procedures to ensure the scientific and democratic decision-making. Relevant departments should conduct research on key items and formulate written materials in advance for meeting topic. The principle should be one discussion for one topic. The whole procedures include the following aspects: facilitators raise the discussion topic in the first place; then relevant leaders make brief instructions and put forward initial suggestions; then members express their opinions on the topic; meeting facilitators discuss the member’s opinions in a centralized manner and make the final decision. The significant matters should be briefly discussed before the meeting. The leader personnel matters should be determined through secret ballots. The topics with great divergence should be suspended for further investigation except for emergent affairs, which will be determined under the principle of the minority being subordinate to the majority.

The fourth is to enhance the implementation of decision-making and safeguard the authority of leaders. All departments should resolutely implement the matters determined by Party Working Committee. In the case of major principle mistake and necessary reconsideration, the decisions made by the committee shall not be altered without the authorization of secretary. The committee members should specify the tasks, make regular reports and be subject to the supervision of secretary and deputy secretary. Members with different opinions can reserve their opinions and report to superior Party organizations, but should still follow the decisions with unconditional implementation before the approval of superior authorities.

The fifth is to make serious disciplines of discussion and enhance the awareness of abiding by regulations. Individuals have no right to determine or alter the group decision. Besides, one should neither force others to accept his decision- on the major matters, nor avoid conflicts by taking neutral stands. The contents of meeting should be confidential except the public information allowed to be published. The speeches and articles made by committee members on behalf of street committee should be approved by committee meeting in advance. The discipline committee of the street takes charge of supervision on implementing the Rules of Procedure.