Lushunkou District holds a conference on animal epidemic prevention and control

On October 12, Lushunkou District held a conference on animal epidemic prevention and control and rural veterinary training. The meeting stressed that all regions and departments should fully understand the significance of animal epidemic prevention and control work and further strengthen the implementation  in accordance with the related requirements. Lushunkou District should effectively prevent the occurrence of severe animal epidemics through the comprehensive prevention and control measures such as immunization, quarantine, monitoring, disinfection and harmless disposal to ensure livestock production security during the 19th CPC National Congress.

Firstly, the related departments should strengthen the leadership and make detailed arrangements with diversified measures to substantially implement the inspection. Secondly, epidemic prevention materials such as vaccines, disinfectant drugs and protective clothing should be well prepared. In addition, the related departments need to ensure the timely distribution of epidemic prevention funds. Thirdly, we should set up epidemic prevention team and focus on the technical training for the grass-roots units, especially the epidemic prevention staff at village level. Fourthly, the staff should lay down a 24-hour duty system and strengthen quarantine work of import and export of animals and livestock products in order to strictly prevent the spread of diseases. The autumn prevention period is from October 16th to November 15th, with its focus on the prevention of highly pathogenic avian influenza, foot and mouth disease, brucellosis and peste des petits ruminants. The meeting also gave a training on laboratory sample collection and major animal epidemic prevention and control technology.