Dalian Government held the 80th executive meeting of the 15th Council

Dalian Government held the 80th executive meeting of the 15th council yesterday, reviewing and approving “The Development and Implementation Program for Strategic Emerging Industries (2017-2020)” to study the reform plan on promoting ecological progress in our city. Mayor Xiao Shengfeng presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Executive Vice Mayor and member of the Standing Committee Yuan Keli, Vice Mayors, Liu Leguo, Lu Lin, Liu Yan, Wen Xueqiong, Hong Dengjin and Director of the Administrative Committee of Changxing Island Economic Zone Yang Guangzhi, attended the meeting.

The meeting pointed out that the development of strategic emerging industries, the key field and important direction for the future development of Dalian, is an important way to accelerate the progress of fully revitalizing the old industrial base of Northeast China. Governments at all levels should unify thoughts and enhance understanding. It is crucial to firmly establish and implement the concept of the “Five Principles of Development” into practice. Adjusting industrial structure and transforming development patterns in our city should mainly depend on the development of strategic emerging industries. To construct leading strategic emerging industries in Northeast China and national strategic emerging industries bases, relevant departments should stick to supply-side structural reform, create competitive industries, breed the leading enterprises as the main carriers, and make breakthroughs in core and key technologies. In addition, efforts should be made to enlarge industrial scales, extend industrial chains and build industrial bases. Advantageous basis and conditions of Dalian should be made full of to speed up independent innovation, increase effective investment, and optimize development environment in Dalian. Based on the actual situation of Dalian and the national industrial catalogue, relevant departments should make accurate science classification, clarify the responsibility in different districts, improve industrial level and accelerate the transformation of economic pattern.

The meeting stressed that governments at all levels should thoroughly put into practice the guiding principles of the major speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping on promoting the construction of ecological civilization, act in accordance with the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government and adhere to the fundamental state policy of conserving resources and protecting the environment. so as to safeguard China’s ecological security, consume resources in an efficient way, and form a new pattern of modernization in which humankind develops in harmony with nature.

The meeting also approved “the Implementation Suggestions on the Development of Leading Enterprises in Fishery Industrialization By Dalian Government” and discussed some other items.