Special meeting on preventing cross-border fishing is held in Jinpu New Area

On October 7, Jinpu New Area held a special meeting on preventing cross-border fishing to analyze current situation of cross-border fishing and safety in fishing operation and arrange safety management work in next stage. Ji Zheng, deputy secretary of the Party working committee and deputy director of the management committee attended the meeting and addressed a speech.

In the first three quarters of this year, the situation of fishery safety production was stable and no fishing safety incidents concerning foreign affairs   happened. Ji Zheng emphasized that in spite of the achievements made in fishery management, fishery departments and entities should fully recognize the current situation of foreign-related fishery and safety management, and accurately grasp the key points. In addition, it’s necessary to strengthen the leadership, implement the responsibilities, effectively improve the ability to control the offshore fishing vessels and strictly punish the illegal cross-border fishing according to law. Besides, we need to make good preparation for the special inspection and actively cooperate with the inspection group in order to promote the marine fisheries management work to a new level.