The Transportation Bureau of Lushunkou District maintains and stabilizes the road transport system in the period of 19th National Congress of CPC

On October 11th, the Transportation Bureau of Lushunkou District held the security stabilization meeting during the19th National Congress of CPC and took measures to implement decisions on the meeting.

Special actions will be taken to eliminate potential risks and punish the illegality in key industries. Accompanied with the previous safe production inspection, officials of whole transportation system should carry out special actions on safe production to ensure the safety of staffs and citizens. According to the general requirements of “universality, zero-tolerance, strict enforcement and effect focusing”, these special actions will focus more on industries of transportation, architecture and crowded places. Serious problems and potential risks will be corrected before the deadline and enterprises without safe production qualification will be temporarily closed for correction. The Transportation Bureau will strengthen the inspection and strictly punish illegal vehicles to ensure the transportation system order during the period of 19th National Congress of CPC.

The Bureau will strengthen the dynamic inspection on operating vehicles, such as passenger vehicles and vehicles for dangerous goods transportation. It will also check the attendance of full-time inspection staff in enterprises to improve the dynamic inspection account. Officials at every level should restrain the over-speeding and fatigue driving in time. The Bureau will launch safe production inspection of the passenger transport, focusing more on drivers’ qualification, safety performance and technical management of vehicles, dynamic inspection, emergency exit of tunnels and traffic warning signs. Officials should strictly implement rules such as “vehicles in 3 conditions can’t get in and those in 6 conditions can’t get out” and having rests or transferring from 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. so as to make sure that every official is responsible.

Security education of in-service staff, especially for drivers, staff on the station, people on duty in the substation and construction workers should be refined. Every staff should be given the specific requirement on the basis of the practical circumstance during the 19th National Congress of CPC. Fatigue working and drunk working should be prohibited. The Bureau will strengthen the fire-fighting measures on crowded places including stations, buildings, departments, oil depots and warehouses to prevent fire accidents by managing the use of fire, electric,oil and gas.

More attention should be paid to special actions of highway risk control and management. Highway management department should guarantee the security through access restriction, traffic closure,early warning and warning signs and make emergency plans for such disasters as bridge collapse, landslide and debris flow caused by bad weather. What’s more, every department should have leaders on duty all day to ensure strict inspection and deal with emergencies in time.