Lushunkou Bureau of Culture, Sports, Broadcasting and TV holds an activity to expands the achievements of inspection and rectification

Recently, Lushunkou Bureau of Culture, Sports, Broadcasting and TV has held an self-inspection meeting to implement the rectification work and expand the influences achievements.

First is to examine whether the leadership team members and Party cadres are steady and sure in study. According to the rectification scheme, the Bureau has deepened the learning on creativity theory by holding two exchange meetings on learning experience among the members of leading group which has effectively improved the leadership’s ability on guiding practice by theory through intensifying their theory-learning efforts and using theory as powerful ideological weapon. Second is to examine whether the bureau’s management is precise and rigorous. The Bureau has drawn out detailed regulations on measures for regulating the egress of cadres and workers staff. In addition, attendance management should be improved by setting standards and clearing each person’s responsibility. To make the whole Bureau well regulated, the institution of clocking-in and outgoing registration should be perfected and checked regularly and casually. Third is to examine whether there is discipline violation in the bureau. In the light of reserved administrative power, the power list should be made separately, the administrative subject, name, category, implementation basis, implement object and time limit of every administrative power should be defined. The Bureau should further optimize the operation process of power, draw the running chart of administrative power and make clear of each risk point to build clean government.