Leaders of Ganjingzi district give Party lectures to Party cadres of Ganjingzi District Commission for Discipline Inspection

On the morning of September 30, according to the requirement of Ganjingzi district committee, Liu Caiqin, member of Ganjingzi district Standing Party Committee and secretary of Ganjingzi District Commission for Discipline Inspection, gave impressive Party lectures to all Party members of Ganjingzi District Commission for Discipline Inspection based on the theme of “studying Xi Jinping’s speech and following the example of Shanghai to take practical actions with open mind”.

The lectures focused on 3 aspects, including “a further review of the district development on regional advantages and economic growth”, “studying Xi Jinping’s speech and following the example of Shanghai to further emancipate minds” and “clarifying duties based on business environment and working style”, and explained current disadvantages and significant meanings. Cadres acknowledged the duty orientation in optimizing business environment and promoting transformation of working style from the lectures.

Liu pointed out that cadres should maintain thought emancipation to solve development issues. Cadres should study President Xi Jinping’s important speeches and get rid of interest entanglement, so that they can narrow the gap with Minhang district, Shanghai and promote a new round of rejuvenation. Besides, cadres should strengthen political stance, change their thoughts and implement the requirement of the district committee.

Liu addressed that cadres of Ganjingzi District Commission for Discipline Inspection should focus on their duties and the overall development of the district and put forward suggestions on the development of social programs. Cadres should also pay attention to business environment and working style and gather strength in inquisition and responsibility systems. The commission should enhance the accountability of departments and individuals failing to construct business environment to solve prominent problems. Besides, the commission should focus on the “four consciousnesses” and implement responsibilities based on the problem and duty list. so as to thoroughly eliminate the baneful influences caused by Bo Xilai and Wang Min. Cadres should also insist on politic discipline and regulations, set positive examples and establish a good image of Ganjingzi District Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Liu Caiqin requested that all cadres should carry out the training activity on “learning regulations, promoting abilities and enhancing normalization”. In addition, cadres should combine the activity with normalized and institutionalized Party building studies and the specific work in supervision. The training activity could enhance cadres’ abilities in politics, policies understanding, analysis and judgment, discipline execution and examination, expression and organization. Ganjingzi district will build up a powerful and reliable team to welcome the convening of the 19th National Congress of the CPC.