Ganjingzi Street hosts the award ceremony for “the most beautiful people”

On September 30, the Party working committee and office of Ganjingzi district hosted a series of activities on “a happy family” as well as the award ceremony for “the most beautiful people” followed by an evening party at the petroleum culture center. Ganjingzi district aimed to promote the creation of the national civilized city and welcome the convening of the 19thNational Congress of the Communist Party of China with achievements in civilized city creation. More than 1200 people participated in the ceremony and activities, including Zhaoxin, deputy director of Ganjingzi District People’s Congress, Li Rongjiu, deputy mayor of Ganjingzi District Government, Zhang Lianjun, deputy chairman of Ganjingzi District People’s Political Consultative Conference, cadres from propaganda department, Culture and Sports Bureau, Education Bureau and Civil Affairs Bureau of Ganjingzi District, leaders of Ganjingzi Street, Party members and residents of communities and cast members.

“The people in Ganjingzi stay side by side to coronate hometown with civilization. The people in Ganjingzi walk hand in hand to greet motherland with happiness.” The evening party started along with two hosts’ passionate prologue. Lights were gorgeous and momentum was magnificent. The dynamic drum dance “Speedy Success” presented the people’s endeavor of Ganjingzi in creation the National Civilized City. The self-created allegro contributing to creation the National Civilized City” explained Party members’ and the masses’ resolution to work together and make headway. The chorus “keeping core values in mind” showed the people’s wishes to witness China’s rejuvenation. 14 performance teams brought audiences a wonderful visual feast with impassioned spirit and received prolonged applause.

At the award ceremony, the video showed the development process and remarkable achievements of Ganjingzi district in politics, economy, peoples’ livelihood and culture. 65 typical excellent models were praised and rewarded. 8 representatives of them walked on the stage and were awarded “the most beautiful people of Ganjingzi district”.

The ceremony was an overall summary for the 5th creation of the National Civilized City to promote urban quality, people’s livelihood and vigorous development of social programs. The ceremony and activities aimed to strengthen new power and positive energy to promote citizens’ cultural and civilized standard. The spirit of “the most beautiful people” will light up the whole district and shape a sound environment between Party members and the masses before the National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is expected to lay a solid foundation for the convening of the 19th National Congress of the CPC.